Overview by country

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Compilation by country of S2E contributions

Overview by country:

Now that all National events took place, here is an overview with links to respective National Facts & Figures (+ Regional Information is any), S2E Country Report, National Event and Joint statement.  A link to Synergies Examples has now been added by country (**). 

(*) The National Event pages feature the presentations given as well as the Joint Statement issued as an outcome of each event.

(**) Synergies Examples are available in which SF/ ESIF and FP7/H2020 funds have been combined through Sequential and/ or Parallel Funding for each EU13 countries.  Further Synergies examples are available for France, UK and there is an international case and the table of 25 Synergies Examples can be re-order by S&T Theme, Type of Synergies or Country. 

A S2E Policy Insight summarises the main lessons learnt  from the S2E National Events, taken place during 2015/2016 and provided a unique platform for a better understanding of the European and national R&I ecosystems.  It also demonstrates how the Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) and synergies between different European national funding can help closing the innovation gap across European territories.

Country National Facts & Figures Regional Information S2E Country Report National Event (*) Joint statement

Synergies Examples  (**)

  BULGARIA BG Facts & Figures BG Regional Annex BG Country Report Jul-16 BG Joint statement Parallel Funding
  CROATIA HR Facts & Figures n/a HR Country Report Mar-15 HR Joint statement Sequential Funding
  CYPRUS  CY Facts & Figures n/a CY Country Report Sep 22 n/a Sequential Funding
  CZECH REPUBLIC CZ Facts & Figures CZ Regional Annex CZ Country Report Mar-16 CZ Joint statement Sequential + Parallel Funding
  ESTONIA  EE Facts & Figures n/a EE Country Report Mar-16 EE Joint statement Sequential Funding
  HUNGARY HU Facts & Figures HU Regional Annex HU Country Report May-16 HU Joint statement Sequential Funding
  LATVIA  LV Facts & Figures n/a LV Country Report Apr-14 LV Joint statement Sequential + Parallel Funding
  LITHUANIA LT Facts & Figures n/a LT Country Report Oct-15 LT Joint statement Sequential Funding
  MALTA  MT Facts & Figures n/a MT Country Report Jul-15 n/a Parallel Funding
  POLAND PL Facts & Figures PL Regional F&F PL Country Report Apr-16 PL Joint statement Sequential + Parallel Funding
  ROMANIA RO Facts & Figures RO Regional Annex RO Country Report Jun-16 RO Joint statement Sequential Funding
  SLOVAKIA SK Facts & Figures SK Regional Annex SK Country Report Jun-15 SK Joint statement Parallel Funding
  SLOVENIA SI Facts & Figures SI Regional Annex SI Country Report Apr-16 SI Joint statement Sequential + Parallel Funding



S2E Tool:

A tool was developped to visualize and compare Research & Innovation investments under different funding channels and EU programmes across EU Regions:

  • ​​​​​​​The R&I Regional Viewer (ESTAT/ ESIF/ H2020 data) allows to visualize and compare 3 sets of data: main economic indicators from Eurostat, planned R&I-related investments under ESIF, and Horizon 2020 funding captured by stakeholders across EU Regions.