R&I Regional Viewer R&I Regional Viewer

The R&I Regional Viewer provides a structured, regionalised visualisation (at Nuts levels 1, 2 and 3) of two sets of data: the Horizon 2020 funding awarded to the participants of projects sourced from the DG R&I Grant database (as of October 2019) and the allocated R&I-related investments under the European structural and investment funds (ESIF).

The user can either choose to visualize territorial information concerning Horizon 2020 (the H2020 dashboard) or ESIF (the ERDF Dashboard). Regional benchmarking is possible by selecting several regions from a scroll down menu placed on top of the dashboards or directly on the map.  

 The two dashboards are structured as follows:

1-Territorial information (EU contribution)

2-Thematic & Specialisation information (specialisation indicators and thematic distribution)  

3-Beneficiaries and projects information (beneficiary and project lists etc.)

 Important remark concerning the location: on H2020 dashboard, the location is based on the place where beneficiaries are legally registered. On ESIF dashboard, the location is based according to the place of implementation of the project (technical documentation can be found here).  

Data collected in the context of the Stairway to Excellence project.

As an outcome of the Stairway to Excellence project, the R&I Regional Viewer (ESIF/H2020 data) is a tool to visualize and compare Research & Innovation investments under different funding channels and EU programmes across EU Regions (at NUTS level 1, 2 and 3 according to the 2016 version). It comprises two sets of data:

  • ·         The Horizon 2020 funding captured from 2014 to October 2019. Indicators and figures are based on the amount of funding captured by beneficiaries in the regions. The regionalisation of data is not affected by headquarter effect (the place where the grant contract has been signed) as the location taken into account is the one where the research activity is performed (eg. “Research department”). Source of the data is the EC DG for research & innovation.
  • ·         Allocation R&I-related investments in European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) over the period 2014-dec 2019. Regional data include the thematic allocation according to Intervention fields related to R&I as defined by the CPR. In certain cases, proxies have been implemented to distribute ESIF at regional level (particularly at NUTS level 3). Sources of information related to ESIF operation and implemented proxies are detailed in the technical documentation.