Country & Region Information Country & Region Information

The S2E team produced Quantitative and Qualitative information for EU13 countries and regions:

  • National and Regional Facts and Figures

were produced by JRC and provide relevant and useful information to facilitate the creation of synergies.  The aim is to draw the European profile of a country/ region with statistical and financial information coming from the EU's 7th Framework Programme and Structural Funds dedicated to research and innovation.  These Facts and Figures documents include the main regional characteristics, the regional specialisation areas, and the identification of the key regional players and the main European organisations collaborating with the region.

  • S2E Country Reports

were produced by national independent experts to ensure a good understanding of national features.  They provide further analysis on selected policy issues that affect optimal use and the combination of key EU funds for R&I.  These country reports offer country-tailored policy suggestions aiming to tackle the weaknesses identified in the analysis.

Country National Facts & Figures Regional Information S2E Country Report


BG Facts & Figures BG Regional Annex BG Country Report
 CROATIA HR Facts & Figures n/a HR Country Report
 CYPRUS  CY Facts & Figures n/a CY Country Report
 CZECH REPUBLIC CZ Facts & Figures CZ Regional Annex CZ Country Report
 ESTONIA  EE Facts & Figures n/a EE Country Report
 HUNGARY HU Facts & Figures HU Regional Annex HU Country Report
 LATVIA  LV Facts & Figures n/a LV Country Report
 LITHUANIA LT Facts & Figures n/a LT Country Report
 MALTA  MT Facts & Figures n/a MT Country Report
 POLAND PL Facts & Figures PL Regional Facts & figures PL Country Report
 ROMANIA RO Facts & Figures RO Regional Annex RO Country Report
 SLOVAKIA SK Facts & Figures SK Regional Annex SK Country Report
 SLOVENIA SI Facts & Figures SI Regional Annex SI Country Report

Further Country and Region S2E Information:

More Country and Region S3 Information:

Registered Country and RegionsContacts, RIS3, etc. are available from the respective S3P registered Countries and Regions pages.



More Country information:

Country analysis is provided on The Research and Innovation Observatory – Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility Service tools.


The S2E team also developped a tool  to visualize and compare Research & Innovation investments under different funding channels and EU programmes across EU Regions:

Main economic indicators from EurostatLatest available data on key selected indicators from EUROSTAT (e.g. GDP, GERD, Unemployment rate) for each region of the 28 EU Member States.


Planned R&I-related investments under ESIF - Planned R&I-related investments in European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) comprising ERDF, ESF, CF and YEI funding programmes over the period 2014-2020. Regional data include the thematic allocation at the regional level under regional Operational Programmes plus the (estimated) region's share of national, multi-regional and transnational cooperation programmes.

Horizon 2020 funding captured by stakeholders across EU Regions - Horizon 2020 indicators are based on the amount of funding captured by beneficiaries in the regions. The regionalisation of data may be affected by a headquarter effect (HQE) in some Member States due to the difference between the (physical) location of the actual research performer and the (legal) location of the beneficiaries' headquarter (this problem affects in particular large public research organisations).