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Throughout S2E phases I & II, national events were organised in all EU13 Member States (MS) by the European Commission and the respective national authorities to bring different stakeholders together. They provided a platform for a better understanding of MS innovation ecosystem, raising awareness of the actions needed to enable synergies and drawing lessons for the future actions.  Joint statements were then issued by JRC and national authorities, covering the main issues under the different topics brought at these events.

The S2E national events took  place during 2015/2016 and provided a unique platform for a better understanding of the European and national R&I ecosystems. The main lessons are summarized in a S2E Policy Insight which shows how the Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) and synergies between different European national funding can help closing the innovation gap across European territories.


Objectives of the National Events

  • A better understanding of national (and regional) innovation ecosystem(s) with a special emphasis on the identification of obstacles, barriers and potentials to innovation (also refering to the S2E National "facts and figures" document)
  • Raising awareness of the actions needed to enable synergies between different EU funding programmes for research and innovation
  • Sharing experiences in combining Structural Funds and Framework Programme to improve excellence in R&I systems
  • Drawing lessons for the future and identifying follow-up actions to enhance the potential synergies between different EU funds in the Member State

Who attended?

Participation was by invitation only.  The number of planned participants usually was around 70 people, amongst:

  • National and Regional Managing Authorities
  • National Contact Points from the past Framework Programmes and Horizon 2020 and other EU-funded programmes
  • National and Regional authorities in charge of smart specialisation strategies
  • Members of the Horizon 2020 programme committee
  • Selected national and international experts on EU funding programmes and regional policy
  • Selected representatives from businesses
  • Selected representatives from universities, research centres and any other organization with experience and/or interest in EU-funded programmes

S2E National Events

Joint Statements

As an outcome of these events, Joint statements were issued by S2E and national authorities, and covered the main issues under the different topics brought at these events:


Other events