Non-EU territories

Smart Specialisation, as a place-based and innovative approach to innovation, was conceived as a "Made in EU" concept associated to the European cohesion policy. However, the European roots of Smart Specialisation have gradually grown beyond EU borders, and Smart Specialisation has started inspiring several countries and regions around the world.

EU Enlargement

The EU's enlargement policy deals with the countries currently aspiring to become members of the European Union.

EU Neighbourhood

Working with southern and eastern neighbours of the EU to achieve the closest possible political association and the greatest possible degree of economic integration.

Latin America

Highlighting Smart Specialisation and place-based innovation experiences that take place in different Latin America countries and regions based on an EU-LatAm cooperative approach.


Designing STI for SDGs Roadmaps in Africa to support the development of effective innovation ecosystems towards the SDGs in the region, in line with the EU priorities for STI cooperation with Africa, to build more inclusive and sustainable societies.


The Arctic region faces many challenges but it also has a potential to build on its unique resources in a sustainable way. Smart Specialisation provides a suitable strategic approach by which these opportunities can be identified and transformed into concrete investment opportunities.


The Asia-Pacific region collaborates on the application of the Smart Specialisation approach in the external dimension of EU policies yielding valuable lessons and insights for the EU.