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2020 SMARTER Conference

30/09/2020 02/10/2020
Conference on "Smart Specialisation and Territorial Development: Connecting grand societal challenges with local goals in place-based innovation policy". Co-organised by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and RSA Europe from the 30th of September to the 2nd of October 2020 in Seville, Spain.

Technical Assistance Facility for Industrial Modernisation and Investment (TAF) - regional workshop

24/03/2020 24/03/2020
Creating mature interregional investment projects under the S3P-Industry

Workshop on Digital Innovation Hubs serving the public sector

18/03/2020 18/03/2020
Workshop on Digital Innovation Hubs serving the public sector, Brussels, Belgium

CANCELLED EVENT: Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Development Goals

05/03/2020 06/03/2020
CANCELLED EVENT: Please note that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the event "Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Development Goals" that was due to take place on the 5th and 6th of March 2020 in Brussels is cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Workshop & S3P-Industry 6th Steering Committee Meeting

04/03/2020 05/03/2020
Workshop & S3P-Industry 6th Steering Committee Meeting, Milan, Italy

Interregional Collaboration Workshop: S3 Targeted Support – Horizontal Activities

25/02/2020 25/02/2020
The event explored the issue of international collaboration in relation to the implementation of S3 policies. The day included expert-presentations, peer-learning exercises and networking sessions.

4th meeting of the Working Group 'H2020 FOR RIS3' on optimizing the use of H2020 in implementing smart specialisation

07/02/2020 07/02/2020
The fourth meeting of the Working Group, organised as part of the Stairway to Excellence (S2E) project, is managed by JRC in cooperation with DG REGIO.

High-level conference “Engaging citizens for good governance in Cohesion Policy”

06/02/2020 06/02/2020
The aim of this high level conference is to promote citizens and civil society's engagement in Cohesion Policy.

Smart grids in the new programming period: the role of transnational R&I networks to strengthen smart energy

06/02/2020 06/02/2020
The aim of the workshop was to support national and regional authorities in planning their EU funds for supporting investments in smart grids R&I and deployment during the 2021-2027 programming period, by offering them with better knowledge of ways to collaborate with other regions with similar interest and to access international networks in the field of smart grids. We will discuss on how to foster the conditions in those regions to develop R&I and implementation projects smart grids in this sector, reinforcing governance models that allow stronger links with other regions in the EU and with international networks/organisations. Our target audience is mainly the ESI Funds Managing Authorities that are responsible for the identification and development of programmes and projects in the sector of smart grids (Managing Authorities for energy, RIS3 managing agencies, etc.)

Connecting present and future Smart Specialisation Strategy: the challenges for governance, industrial transition and international collaboration

30/01/2020 30/01/2020
The JRC Lagging Regions project organised a seminar “Connecting present and future Smart Specialisation Strategy: the challenges for governance, industrial transition and international collaboration” in collaboration with AREA Science Park of Trieste and the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of Croatia. The event, part of the Strategic Project to support the establishment of Innovation Network for Industry and Thematic Innovation Platforms co-funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds, took place on the 30th of January in Zagreb.