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Technical S3 Workshop (Part 3)

09/12/2020 09/12/2020
Technical S3 Workshop (Part 3)

AWARENESS WORKSHOP (PART 2): Developing Smart Specialisation Strategies in Eastern Partnership Countries

02/12/2020 02/12/2020
This seminar aims to provide national and regional S3 teams from Georgia (as well as Armenia and Belarus) an overview of the six-step methodology behind S3: from qualitative and quantitative analyses, identification of S3 priorities, strategy development as well as its implementation. During this workshop, participants will learn in more detail about an operational approach agreed with the national team and based on the JRC smart specialisation framework for Enlargement and Neighbourhood countries.

AWARENESS WORKSHOP (Part 1): Smart Specialisation for Regional Growth in Georgia

25/11/2020 25/11/2020
The online event aims to raise awareness about smart specialisation at national and regional level in Georgia as well as to present the first findings from the mapping analysis on existing economic and innovative data can provide.

Online Dialogues on STI for SDGs Roadmaps (Science, Technology and Innovation Roadmaps for SDGs) – achievements and new opportunities

This online event is organized during the UN 75th General Assembly. It will focus on the lessons learnt from the UN IATT work stream on STI for SDGs Roadmaps and the Global Pilot Programme for STI for SDGs and will present the proposed new activities, including the ideas for the expansion of the Global Pilot Programme within the new initiative “Partnership in Action”. The Guidebook for the Preparation of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for SDGs Roadmaps will be launched at the event.

SMARTER 2020 Conference - 3d webinar - Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Development Goals

10/11/2020 10/11/2020
The objective of the webinar is to discuss how to design and implement smart specialisation strategies to achieve sustainable transformation and meet the objectives of the 2030 UN Agenda at national, regional and local levels.

EWRC 2020: Evidence for Industrial Transitions

22/10/2020 22/10/2020
The session aims to inform participants about the policy challenge of managing industrial transitions, present the framework developed by the JRC Working Group (POINT - Projecting Opportunities for INdustrial Transitions) to collect evidence, present the findings of the four pilot reviews, and engage in a discussion with participants about the role of evidence in understanding and managing industrial transitions.

EWRC 2020: Smart Specialisation 4 Blue Growth Cooperation

21/10/2020 21/10/2020
More than 50 regions across the EU have identified maritime sectors/investments as a priority in their Smart Specialisation Strategies and are investing into blue growth-related prospective areas. The workshop will reflect the JRC/DG MARE Annual Report of the EU Blue Economy 2020 and focus on the innovation as an opportunity for thematic interregional cooperation through joint regional and corporate efforts in the emerging blue growth sectors and discuss the role of quadruple helix stakeholders in the regional and macro-regional innovation collaboration. Through the active involvement of regional representatives, the session will feature a few key Emerging Blue Economy sectors particularity relevant in terms of contribution to Green Deal objectives: renewable energy sources, marine environmental protection with a focus on micro-plastics, and desalination.

Online Workshop of the Cultural and Creative Regional Ecosystems (CCRE-S3) partnership

14/10/2020 14/10/2020
In the framework of the 18th EWRC, the Cultural and Creative Regional Ecosystems (CCRE-S3) partners will present this new thematic area, recently launched under the S3P-Industry.

EWRC 2020: The role of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) in the post-COVID19 era

14/10/2020 14/10/2020
In the middle of a new economic crisis due to the recent COVID19 pandemic SMEs in the EU are more than ever in need to apply advanced digital technologies in order to resume their business, benefit from remote working capabilities and apply new business models and innovations in an effort to stay operational and competitive.