7th GEOINNO at Manchester University: Wide contribution from the JRC Innovation Policies and Economic Impact Unit

  • 10 Jan 2024 to 12 Jan 2024

The 7th Geography of Innovation Conference (GEOINNO) takes place at Manchester University from January 10th to 12th, 2024. This event is an exceptional platform for the JRC team to showcase their research endeavors within one of academia's most prominent forums. 

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Practical Information

10 Jan 2024 to 12 Jan 2024


The JRC Innovation Policies and Economic Impact Unit team's contributions to the conference encompass a wide range of critical topics:

  • Strengthening Innovation-Driven Inter-territorial Collaboration: Insights from the PRI Pilot Action
  • The Future of EU Cohesion Policy in the Era of New Industrial Policy: Balancing Challenges and Potential
  • Governance and the Effectiveness of Research & Innovation Funding: Evidence from European Regions
  • Regulatory Sandboxes and Place-Based Transformative Innovation: Insights from Literature and Relevant Experiences from Partnerships for Regional Innovation Pilot
  • The Place-Based Multilevel Dimension of the Transition to Sustainability in the European Aerospace Industrial Ecosystem: A Systematic Review
  • Competences for Strategic Foresight 

Additionally, the PRI team will be at the helm of a special session in GEOINNO24 titled "Interregional Perspectives on Challenge-Oriented Innovation Systems for Sustainability Transitions."

This session has garnered substantial interest among scholars and has seen a considerable influx of high-quality abstract submissions. Without a doubt, the ensuing discussions and insights within this session are expected to be enlightening.