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Peer review workshop in Pisa (IT)

27/09/2012 28/09/2012

Italian country event on RIS3

25/09/2012 26/09/2012
The Italian country event on RIS3 was hosted by the Apulia Region in Bari and gathered representatives from all Italian regions, the Ministry for Economic Development and the Ministry for Research, University and Education. Two EU regions were invited to illustrate their experience on smart specialisation strategies: Upper Austria and Castilla y León.

Universities and Regional Innovation

This event focused on the methodology for building regional partnerships between universities, business and public authorities in support of regional innovation.

Smart specialisation in Urban regions

The event aimed at promoting the understanding of smart specialisation in Urban regions and exchanging knowledge and experiences among regional developers and urban planners.

Design & preparation of the National Development Plan for 2014-20 in Greece

Aiming to foster an effective participation of the Regions in a Research, and Innovation strategy for smart specialisation, the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) organised a kick-off information workshop.

Smart Specialisation in the UK

Cardiff University hosted the first workshop on Smart Specialisation in the UK in partnership with the S3 Platform. The workshop was attended by a range of stakeholders from the scientific and business sectors in the UK.

Smart Investment for Smart Specialisation

27/06/2012 28/06/2012
The Polish Ministry of Economy and the World Bank Group in coordination with the European Commission organised a joint regional workshop entitled "Smart Investment for Smart Specialisation". The goal of the event was to support Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Poland in realizing smart specialisation strategies, and as such achieving more efficient investment of structural funds from the European Union.

European Cluster Alliance (ECA) and TACTICS Workshop

Clusters - New Trends and their Challenges for Implementing RIS3

The Meeting of the IQ-Net Network

19/06/2012 20/06/2012
The Meeting of the IQ-Net Network

Regions for Economic Change Conference, Brussels (BE)

On the eve of the conference, Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Policy, and President of the RegioStars Jury, and Luc van den Brande, former President of the Committee of the Regions, announced the winners of the RegioStars 2012 Awards. Styria in Austria, Malmö in Sweden, Podlaskie in Poland and two European Territorial Cooperation projects, bringing together partners from 9 different Member States, are the clear winners taking centre stage in Europe.