Awareness raising event on Smart Specialisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the last decade, Smart specialisation has become one of the core strategic approaches to Research and Innovation as well as an effective policy instrument for higher competitiveness and increasing opportunities. The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) is working closely with...

Launch of the CoR-JRC Pilot Action on Partnerships for Regional Innovation

The European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions launch on the 17th of May the Pilot action on Partnerships for Regional Innovation. This initiative responds to the urgent call of the European Green Deal to address the unprecedented challenge posed by climate change and other...

Regional Stakeholders Webinar on “Cultural Tourism and Digital Transformation in the BSEC Region and Beyond: Lessons learned in the context of Covid-19 Pandemic”

The webinar builds on the discussions on culture and tourism launched in the Regional Stakeholders Conference “Black Sea Synergy: the way forward” (Athens, 7 November 2019), organised by the ICBSS within the framework of the ENI East Instrument. The results of the event are presented in the ICBSS...