First Pilot Plenary meeting on Partnerships for Regional Innovation (PRI)

  • 07 Jul 2022
  • Online event

Following the high interest from EU territories and Member States to participate in the PRI Pilot Action launched jointly last month by the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions, we are pleased to aanounce the first PRI Pilot Plenary meeting. This will be an online event to be held in the morning of 7th July 2022 (from 09.45 to 13.00 hrs).

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First PRI Plenary meeting – online event 7th July 2022

  1. 09:45 – 9:50
    Welcome and objectives of the meeting

    Xabier Goenaga, Head of Unit B7 at JRC European Commission

  2. 09:50 – 10:40
    The New Innovation Agenda for Europe and PRI
    • Thomas Wobben, Director at Committee of the Regions
    • Nicola de Michelis, Director at DG REGIO European Commission
    • Patrick Brenier, Adviser at DG RTD European Commission
    • Mikel Landabaso, Director at JRC European Commission
    • Q&A
  3. 10:40-11:15
    PRI Playbook and the importance of improving it with feedback from policy makers
    • Dimitrios Pontikakis, Unit B7 at JRC European Commission
    • Sylvia Schwaag Serger, Chair of the PRI Scientific Committee
    • Q&A
  4. 11:15 – 11:20
  5. 11:20 – 11:40
    PRI Pilot Action plan: an initial proposal

    Ignacio González Vázquez, Guia Bianchi and PRI Team Unit B7 at
    JRC European Commission

  6. 11:40-12:40
    Feedback from pilot participants on PRI Pilot Action plan
  7. 12.40-12.50
  8. 12.50-13.00
    Concluding remarks

    Xabier Goenaga, Head of Unit B7 at JRC European Commission

Practical Information

07 Jul 2022

Online event

Registration Information

By invitation only (For PRI Pilot participants)


The PRI Pilot Plenary will be the main set-up for collective discussion, learning and co-creation among all PRI Pilot participants. This first meeting of the Pilot Plenary will present the policy context around PRI, the PRI Playbook and a proposal for a PRI Pilot roadmap, outlining the organisation of pilot activities. It will be an interactive event   and engage in a structured dialogue with participants about modes of engagement and co-creation.