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Launch Event of the European Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy, Berlaymont, Brussels - 26 May 2015

A high-level conference launched the joint initiative of the Directorates-General for Regional and Urban Policy, Energy, and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) to set up a platform on smart specialisation on energy. It have brought together representatives from EU institutions, Member States and their regions, energy experts and stakeholders to reflect on and discuss the relevance of Smart Specialisation in the energy sector. The European Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy is planned to become an enabling tool for regions to coordinate, rationalise and plan their respective energy strategies, develop a shared vision on knowledge-based energy policy development in regions, and set up a strategic agenda of collaborative work in the frame of the Smart Specialisation Platform which will foster the identification and deployment of innovative practices. Futher information and the conference programme can be accessed here.


New Study on Value Chains in 3D Printing Launched

The European Commission's DG GROW has launched a new study on 3D printing in the EU. The aim is to detect missing competencies with regard to future, promising applications and to lay the ground for joint demonstration platforms across EU regions to accelerate market uptake. The study will cover at least 60 EU regions.

Any region interested in participating can contact the project leader Mr. Vincent Duchêne:

What we can do for you What we can do for you

We are the Platform established by the European Commission to provide professional advice to EU countries and regions for the design of their research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3). Our services include:

  • Providing guidance material and good practice examples
  • Organising information sessions for policy makers and participating in conferences
  • Providing training to policy-makers
  • Facilitating peer-reviews
  • Supporting access to relevant data
  • Participating in high quality research projects to inform strategy formation and policy making

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Registered Country and Regions
  • EU Countries registered in S3P: 16
  • EU Regions registered in S3P: 155
  • Non-EU Regions registered in S3P: 6
  • S3P Peer-reviewed Countries: 15
  • S3P Peer-reviewed Regions: 60
RIS3 Specialisation mapping
  • EU Countries with encoded S3 Priorities: 25
  • EU Regions with encoded S3 Priorities: 177
  • Non-EU Countries with encoded R&I Priorities: 6
  • Non-EU Regions with encoded R&I Priorities: 19

What is smart specialisation? What is smart specialisation?

Smart specialisation is a strategic approach to economic development through targeted support to Research and Innovation (R&I). It will be the basis for European Structural and Investment Fund interventions in R&I as part of the current Regional and Cohesion Policy's contribution to the Europe 2020 jobs and growth agenda.

More generally, smart specialisation involves a process of developing a vision, identifying competitive advantage, setting strategic priorities and making use of smart policies to maximise the knowledge-based development potential of any region, strong or weak, high-tech or low-tech.

This site offers a unique resource and platform for regional development policy-makers and professionals developing such strategies as well as their partners from business, academia and the civil society.

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Danube S3 Workshop "Gathering Opportunities Around RIS3 Priorities", Vienna (AT), 07 July 2015

On 7 July the S3 Platform together with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy welcome you to the Danube smart specialisation (S3) workshop: "Gathering opportunities around RIS3 priorities" in Vienna, Austria. The workshop aims at identifying concrete initiatives for transnational cooperation around some common smart specialisation priorities in the Danube region. The workshop will provide the arena to explore collaboration opportunities in ICT, health, energy and sustainable innovations.

To obtain more information, click here.

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