'Innovation for place-based transformations. ACTIONbook, practices and tools' published

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‘Innovation for place-based transformations. ACTIONbook, practices and tools’ was published on 26 January 2024 by the Joint Research Centre, in collaboration with the European Committee of the Regions.
This publication is the result of the Partnerships for Regional Innovation (PRI) one-year pilot experience and builds on top of the PRI Playbook launched in 2022.

This report consists of three parts connected to one another:
•    27 non-sequential activities to design and implement transformative innovation that is relevant to people in territories.
•    The collection of practices shows lessons learnt from 32 real examples of transformative innovation in EU territories, from cities to regions and Member States. 
•    74 operational tools, including concepts, methodologies and EU policy initiatives, that can be explored and used by territories to advance on specific topics of transformative innovation. 

All activities in the ACTIONbook are linked to relevant practices from territories and operational tools to put them in place. 

This publication is a milestone in our research on place-based transformative innovation policies, an example of co-creation with key stakeholders and a living document that we will enrich with more experiences and tools to enable territories to achieve their transformations in line with EU policies and national plans, in partnership