Peer Reviews for Strategy Design

Bring together regions and countries for mutual learning.

The peer-review workshops bring together regions and countries for mutual learning and exploration of ways in which RIS3 can be developed. The S3 Platform aims to create an open and trusted learning environment where practical and conceptual aspects of RIS3 can be discussed and explored through challenges and experiences of individual regions. The workshops have two main objectives. The first objective is to allow regions meet their peers, the European Commission staff, academic experts and others to discuss common issues related to smart specialisation. The second objective is to allow regions and countries to peer-review each other's work on RIS3.

Each region or country under review presents its current work on RIS3 along a template prepared by the S3 Platform. The template covers main features of the RIS3 process as suggested by the RIS3 Guide.

The S3 Platform team has published one working paper describing this newly developed peer review methodology and another working paper presenting experiences and perceived impact from the regions and countries which were reviewed in the first twelve Peer Review Workshops during 2012 and 2013.

Peer eXchange & Learning (PXL) builds on the well-established peer-review approach of the S3 Platform. It supports transnational learning by bringing together regions and countries for knowledge and experience exchange, and the exploration of ways in which innovation and development strategies can be effectively implemented, adjusted and revised.

Most documents submitted by the regions and countries under review (including their RIS3 presentations and any background material) can be found in the document library.

Peer-Review Workshops in 2012-2014

In 2012-2014, a total number of 17 peer-review workshops were organised, allowing a total of 53 regions and 15 member states to be peer-reviewed.

Peer-Review Workshops from 2015

From 2015, the peer review workshops have taken a slightly different format, focusing on fewer regions in each workshop. As the S3 process is progressing, the topics for discussions move towards dimensions reflecting the implementation of the S3 Strategies more than the developement of the strategies.

If your region or country is registered to the S3 Platform and wishes to be peer-reviewed or to host an upcoming workshop, please contact the S3 Platform at


Thematic Peer-Review Workshop on RIS3 Governance
Across Europe (and even outside), regions are at different stages in the quest for smart specialisation, from understanding what it means and setting a vision for the future, to establishing priorities through an entrepreneurial process of discovery, and finally to begin implementing their...
Peer Review Workshop in Podkarpackie (PL)
This peer review workshop in Rzeszów was organised by the S3 Platform and the Marshal Office of Podkarpackie. Since transition is one of way of economic development to be chosen within the frameworkd of smart specialisation, this time our flagship event focused on the economic transition of regions.
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State Aid Map in the Energy Sector

ESI Funds managers for S3 and energy across the EU often mention that the assessment whether their public interventions constitute State aid and whether the measure is compatible with the EU competition law is a constant challenge. This report is the summary of the “Workshop on State Aid Map in...