S3 Tools and Data Sources

The S3 Platform provides a combination of mapping tools that allow users to identify regions' economic domains of specialisation and aim at facilitating interregional cooperation and the creation of partnerships among various actors throughout Europe.


The Eye@RIS3 is an online database of RIS3 priorities. It is intended as a tool to help strategy development rather than a source of statistical data. Regions are requested to introduce/update input in the database, which will produce a realistic map of the process of RIS3 development.

Digital Innovation Hub

The Digital Innovation Hubs tool, is an online catalogue which contains comprehensive information on digital innovation hubs in Europe (yellow pages). The ultimate purpose of the tool is to help companies get access to competences needed in order to digitize their products and services. The catalogue provides to DIHs a platform to network with each other and with other innovation support organisations and companies, in order to provide their expertise. 

Territorial Economic Data Viewer (TEDv)

This tool allows to visualize and compare Research & Innovation investments under different funding channels and EU programmes across EU Regions, i.e. economic indicators from Eurostat, planned R&I-related investments under ESIF, and Horizon 2020 funding captured by stakeholders.