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Innovation for place-based transformations

Addressing complex challenges requires different tools, mindsets and approaches from those traditionally used, which contributed to create some of these challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, raising inequalities. Focusing on one is not sufficient and understanding their...

BIANCHI Guia; MATTI Cristian; PONTIKAKIS Dimitrios; REIMERIS Ramojus; HAEGEMAN Karel Herman; MIEDZINSKI Michal; SILLERO ILLANES Carmen; MIFSUD Solange; SASSO Simone; BOL Erica; MARQUES SANTOS Anabela; ANDREONI Antonio; JANSSEN Matthijs; SAUBLENS Christian; STEFANOV Ruslan; TOLIAS Yannis
European Universities and Knowledge Alliances in their territorial innovation ecosystems

Higher education institutions (HEIs) are increasingly expected to contribute to regional development and transformative innovation and heralded as actors of change in the context of the twin transitions and European recovery and resilience. Knowledge Alliances and European University alliances...

Esparza Masana R. and Woolford J.
Aligning smart specialisation with transformative innovation policy

Countries and regions in Europe increasingly engage in new approaches to research and innovation policies aiming to address societal challenges and ambitious sustainability goals. This is partly in response to the increasing gravity and urgency of these challenges experienced across Europe and...

The governance of regional innovation policy and its economic implications

This paper provides insights on the potential macroeconomic impact of the governance of the European innovation policy called Smart Specialisation. We use original empirical data on the implementation of the policy, which is funded through a dedicated financial envelope of the 2014–2020 EU...

Carlo Gianelle, Fabrizio Guzzo, Javier Barbero, Simone Salotti
Unlocking the potential for regional collaboration in the ICT domain in the Western Balkans

The Western Balkan economies are carrying out the Smart Specialisation process by following the Smart Specialisation framework for the EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Region, with the support of the Joint Research Centre. One of the crucial stages of the process is to identify priority areas for...

Connectivity and Regional Innovation

Connectivity plays a crucial role for innovation and may counterbalance the disadvantage of being located in less developed and remote areas. This report gathers together insights from scientific literature on the role of connectivity and can inspire activities in interregional cooperation...

Rodriguez Pose, A.
Innovation policy and directionality: a case for policy engineering

This paper examines a series of ‘innovation policy engineering’ problems which are related to directionality, mission and transformative objectives. Solving these problems will be central to the effectiveness of smart specialisation strategies and of partnerships for regional innovation.

Dominique Foray
Contribution of Digitalization to the Sustainable Development in Europe

Digitalization can play a crucial role in sustainable development in Europe. The range of applications is vast and includes the exploitation of digital technologies to improve efficiency of resource use and energy consumption, to broaden access to clean water and sanitation, to facilitate the...

Phoebe Koundouri; Conrad Landis; Angelos Plataniotis