Territorial Economic Data Viewer (TEDv)

Data visualization of EU R&I funding and beyond

Open the TEDv dashboard
The Territorial Economic Data viewer (TEDv) is the first available tool that combines statistical territorial information from various European Union’s Research and Innovation (R&I) funding programs within a single and coherent framework. It compiles information from multiple data sources: Cohesion Open Data Platform; Kohesio; Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard; eCORDA (COmmon Research DAta Warehouse) - main data source behind the Horizon dashboard; BvD ORBIS and EUROSTAT.

Territorial statistics (at country-, Nuts 1- or Nuts 2-level) of different R&I funds are reported across three dashboards: (i) the Regional dashboard, (ii) the Sectorial dashboard and (iii) the Comparison dashboard. Beyond EU funding indicators, TEDv also includes socio-economic and demographic statistics displayed in the ‘Regional info-sheet’ dashboard.

The TEDv offers to the users an easy way to:
  • Monitor the territorial and sectorial concentration of R&I funds
  • Compare the contribution of different R&I funds to the total R&D expenditures of a territory
  • Perform regional benchmarking in terms of the use of different R&I funding
  • Assess the evolution of the socio-economic performance of a region compared to country and EU averages.
​​​​​​​For more details about the data and methods behind TEDv see the TEDAM Working Paper.