The outcome of the second assessment round of TAF applications announced

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Five projects have been awarded TAF support in this second assessment round of applications of December 2019.

In the second assessment round in December 2019, TAF support was awarded to five projects:

  1. SMBio-LNG - Shaping the future of Sustainable Mobility from Bio-economy partnership;
  2. DE-RE Manufacturing for Circular Economy from the Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing partnership
  3. European Network of Centres for Advanced Manufacturing – ENCAM from the SMEs to the Industry 4.0 partnership
  4. Personal data platform for a predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory health system from the Personalised Medicine partnership
  5. Cyber Valleys - Federated Cyber Range from the European Cyber Valleys partnership

These projects will benefit from tailored TAF experts support on a wide range of topics, depending on the specific needs of each project, which can include advice on: appropriate financial structuring and mix of funding sources, investment vehicles, governance rules, business models, financials, and intellectual property rights.

The project managers were informed of the results and the awarded projects will have their kick-off meetings with the TAF experts in the upcoming weeks.