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Monitoring reports containing a management report and a progress report prepared by the Lead Region(s) are available here:
Monitoring report covering the period from January to June 2020
Monitoring report covering the period from July to December 2019
Monitoring report covering the period from January to June 2019
Monitoring report covering the period from July to December 2018
Monitoring report covering the period from January to June 2018


The development of personalised medicine (PM), stratified or precision medicine is an evolution that cannot be stopped anymore. PM is strongly technological driven and will induce a transformation of how health and well-being are approached and medicine is being implemented. The convergence of knowledge on what determines health and disease or how the process of ageing is determined, with digital technologies and access to data opens a huge potential to develop new applications to improve general health, wellbeing, and will make preventive medicine reality.

The sensitivity of new diagnostics, access to omics data and the acknowledgement that early detection is often crucial, is blurring the boundaries between health and disease. Chronic diseases, often linked to changes in general life styles and increasing of the average age of the population are putting the healthcare systems under increasing pressure. The development of PM will not only support the increase of healthy life years, it will also secure the sustainability of our healthcare systems.

The partnership was established to realise the potential of personalised medicine. This partnership will be complementary to the thematic platform on Medical Technologies and will bring the agenda to implement personalised medicine to the next level.

The partner regions already have solid ecosystems combining biomedical, technological and data driven expertise. By bringing these ecosystems together, a higher added value will reached and boost the implementation of personalised medicine; it will realise an innovative approach for health and care in Europe. Many different strategies and initiatives with PM as common denominator are currently running across Europe. These initiatives often have different focal areas or target only part of the value chain. A better integration and coordination can enforce the impact of the actions.

A thorough mapping of developing trends and relevant industry and technology actors in the different parts of the value chain, infrastructures, end users etc. in the participating regions will allow to identify strengths, barriers and needs. The partnership will align complementary assets and infrastructure and work to integrate value chains across different technology sectors to create added value and innovative applications. A roadmap will be developed to transfer new solutions for health, well being and care faster to society and will contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems.


List of Regions involved

Leading regions
Participating regions
Interested regions

EIT Health KIC is also a partner of the S3P4PM partnership.

Thematic working areas
Personal data management platform, led by Flanders
Cell and gen hub, led by Flanders
Healthcare of the 21st century, led by East- Netherlands
E-infrastructure for neurohealth, led by LimburgJobs of the future, led by Limburg
Jobs of the future, led by Limburg

Contact details of the Leading Regions

Kathleen D'Hondt, Flemish Government – Department Economy, Science and Innovation, email:

Dirk Plees, Coordinator internationalisation  cluster Economy and Innovation for Limburg, email:

Karolien de Bruine, EU Liaison Officer for East Netherlands,  


Contact details of JRC


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