South Aegean (EL42)

General Information

  • Capitarl city icon Ermoupoli
  • Region size icon 5.305 km2   (2015)
  • Population icon 327.517 (2022)
  • Regional GDP icon 5.975,63 (2021)
  • % of the National GDP 3,29 (2021)
  • % of Unemployment 10,70 (2022)
  • Regional GERD (%) 0,29 (2020)
Urban Data Platform

S3 Priorities


Name Description
Green technologies and renewables Emphasis will be placed on environmental sustainability, especially on coastal areas, green technology diffusion, energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewables as sources of energy.
Fisheries and aquaculture Emphasis will be placed on product differentiation, biotechnological applications, links with tourism, biodiversity, quality and certification management, logistics, new methods of processing and preservation (non-thermal), networks and marketing.
Tourism, culture and 'experience' industry Emphasis will be given on expanding the value chain (links with agrifood, culture, and crafts industries), product differentiation and 'experience' tourism, infrastructures and logistics, natural and cultural capital, branding and targeted activity tourism, use of ICTs and green technologies.
Agrifood and nutrition/quality-of-life Emphasis will be given on traditional often unique varieties, biodiversity, branding, certification, product differentiation, eco-tourism and gastro-tourism, cluster promotion, eco-agriculture, outward-orientation.

You can obtain more detail following this link: EYE@RIS3 Priorities