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The economic implications of Smart Specialisation governance: a general equilibrium analysis for Italy 2014-2020

This paper provides insights on the potential macroeconomic impact of the European innovation policy for Smart Specialisation governance. We use original empirical data on the governance of the policy, funded through a dedicated financial envelope of the 2014-2020 EU cohesion policy, in a spatial...

Assessing Smart Specialisation: governance

This report provides some insights on the impact of Smart Specialisation on the governance of research and innovation policy systems across EU regions and countries.

GUZZO Fabrizio; GIANELLE Carlo
Assessing Smart Specialisation: Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Our analysis aims to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring and evaluation systems of national and regional authorities implementing Smart Specialisation strategies. In addition, based on the literature review and on the evidence gathered by our research project, this publication...

Fatime Barbara Hegyi, Francesco Prota
POINT Review of Industrial Transition of Greece

Greece is setting its sight to a sustainable future that also leads to increased prosperity and greater social cohesion. Building on stakeholder consultations and extensive research following the POINT (Projecting Opportunities for INdustrial Transitions) methodology of the JRC, the review...

JANSSEN Matthijs; TOLIAS Yannis; PONTIKAKIS Dimitrios
An intervention-logic approach for the design and implementation of S3 strategies

The report invites policy makers to address the questions about the ‘why’ (is the intervention addressing a problem?), the ‘who’ (what is the target of the intervention?), and the ‘how’ (do I have financial and administrative resources?). Starting from a pre-existing Smart Specialisation...

Doussineau M., Saublens C., Harrap N
Projecting Opportunities for INdustrial Transitions (POINT). Concepts, rationales and methodological guidelines for territorial reviews of industrial transition

This report provides guidelines with respect to concepts, rationales and methodological considerations aimed at experts conducting territorial reviews of industrial transition and at policy makers and analysts with an interest in the operationalisation of transformative industrial innovation. It...

Pontikakis, Dimitrios; Fernandez, Tatiana; Janssen, Matthijs Guy, Ken; Marques Santos, Anabela; Boden, Mark Moncada-Paternò-Castello, Pietro