Discovery processes for transformative innovation policy, Lessons learned from the entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) practice

Publication article | | Laranja Manuel, Perianez-Forte Inmaculada, Reimeris Ramojus

The purpose of this paper is to review available studies on how “Entrepreneurial Discovery Processes” were practiced and identify which lessons learned are relevant to the new context of transformative innovation policies, where “discovery and experimentation” processes will continue to be a key aspect.


Innovation policy and S3 now should be aligned with EU Green and Digital transitions with the aim to contribute to systemic transformation. By selectively reviewing conceptual and empirical studies, this paper identifies critical lessons from Smart Specialisation implementation and EDP that may be relevant for Member States and regions adopting a new S3 innovation policy frame. In particular, in the context of the Partnerships for Regional Innovation (PRI), lessons from EDP practices may be useful for conceptualisation and development of the proposed Open Discovery Processes - ODP.

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