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Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP)
Discovery processes for transformative innovation policy, Lessons learned from the entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) practice

The purpose of this paper is to review available studies on how “Entrepreneurial Discovery Processes” were practiced and identify which lessons learned are relevant to the new context of transformative innovation policies, where “discovery and experimentation” processes will continue to be a key...

Laranja Manuel, Perianez-Forte Inmaculada, Reimeris Ramojus
Entrepreneurial discovery process Europe: Tools and mechanisms

This policy insight focuses on the tools and mechanisms used by countries and regions to foster efficient entrepreneurial discovery processes (EDP), within their smart specialisation strategies.

Inmaculada Perianez-Forte; James Wilson
Assessing Smart Specialisation: The entrepreneurial discovery process

This report presents some insights based on new evidence collected on the smart specialisation policy experience across EU regions and countries. Evidence collected suggest that the way in which the entrepreneurial discovery process should be stimulated and organised remains highly...

Inmaculada Perianez-Forte; James Wilson
Ljubljana Start-up Ecosystem and the Technology Park Ljubljana (Slovenia)

This research publication is part of a series on Place-based innovation ecosystems that was born in 2017 from a fruitful collaboration between the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and DG Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) on promoting the importance of evidence-based policy...

Bučar, Maja; Rissola, Gabriel.
Smart Specialisation at work: the policy makers’ view on strategy design and implementation

This paper illustrates the results of a survey on the Smart Specialisation experience across European regions and countries. Respondents recommend to maintain the current policy framework for the future, while introducing new elements to improve strategies’ efficacy and make Smart Specialisation...

Fabrizio Guzzo, Carlo Gianelle, Elisabetta Marinelli
Smart Specialisation at work: Assessing investment priorities

This paper provides a methodology to assess how national and regional authorities define their research and innovation investment priorities for smart specialisation. It then tests the methodology empirically, based on a significant sample of research and innovation strategies for smart...

Innovation Camp Methodology Handbook

This Handbook is conceived to encourage regions and cities from all over Europe to adopt the Innovation Camps methodology as a tool to address collectively and effectively societal and economic challenges concerning local societies in a European context – notably in the field of Research and...

Gabriel Rissola, Hank Kune, Paolo Martinez
Smart Specialisation at work: Analysis of the calls launched under ERDF Operational Programmes

The goal of this paper is to assess how and to what extent resources under Thematic Objective 1 (TO1) of national and regional Operational Programmes for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) were allocated to operations falling within the innovation and research priorities set in the...

Carlo Gianelle, Fabrizio Guzzo, Krzysztof Mieszkowski