Smart strategies for reconstruction and development in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

Smart Specialisation Strategies, a key approach supporting innovation, have become one of the important policy processes for our Eastern Neighbours and are included in key policy and programming documents of the EU: they are one of the Research and Innovation Deliverables for Eastern Partnership...

Territorial Economic Data viewer (TEDv): A tool to support policy cycle

The TEDv provides a comprehensive territorial data visualization (at NUTS levels 0, 1, 2 and 3) of EU Research and Innovation (R&I) funding and beyond. Territorial statistical information includes macro-economic regional data, micro-level beneficiary information as well as a number of derived...

Conference “Implementation of Smart Specialisation in Montenegro”

In 2019, Montenegro became the first country from the EU enlargement and neighbourhood region to adopt the Smart Specialisation strategy and receive positive assessment by the European Commission. Subsequently, the country launched the implementation phase, receiving further support by the...