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European Union external action.  
Responsible EU body: EEAS

International Cooperation framework for Research and Innovation.  

Responsible European Commission service: DG RTD.

On-going projects

Centre of Excellence on Smart Specialisation and Regional Policy: shares best practice, undertakes comparative research, promotes policy dialogue, enhances the depth and quality of teaching subjects that address the EU experience with Smart Specialisation processes and regional policy development and attracts students to undertake postgraduate studies on Smart Specialisation and regional policy.

Smart Specialisation of Hunter Region: launched in 2016, this regional strategy has been methodologically inspired in the EU model of smart specialisation. The strategy identifies as key priorities: 1. Food and agri-business, 2. Mining equipment, technology and services, 3. Medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, 4. Oil, gas and energy resources, 5. Advanced manufacturing, 6. Defence and  7. Creative Industries.



Support of the Smart Specialisation Platform

Aiming at facilitating close cooperation with EU regions, the Smart Specialisation platform supports technically and methodologically strategic initiatives leading to implement the smart specialisation concept in non-EU countries. An open call to non-EU regions and countries is available.

More concretelly, the support of the S3 Platform to the implementation and adaptation of the S3 concept in Australia has been linked to the following activities: 

  • Policy talks with Australian department of Infrastructure and regional development
  • Academic collaboration with RMIT Centre (EU Centre) 
  • Attendance of S3 Platform experts to workshops and conferences 
  • Dissemination and communication activities in several channels 
  • Membership to the S3 Platform 
  • Newsletter information 

Open call

OPEN CALL to Non-EU Countries & Regions: registration in the S3 Platform. Expressions of interest for becoming member of the S3 platform can be fulfilled here.  This call targets public authorities in charge of innovation and competitiveness policies at national and sub-national level.

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Latest registration

The latest region to register is Latrobe Valley (Australia).