WATIFY Matchmaking Event on Digitalisation in Fashion

  • 09 Jun 2017

Watify is organising a matchmaking event on Digitalisation in Fashion, in the context of R2B - Research to Business 2017 and its Innovation&Match brokerage event.

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Practical Information

09 Jun 2017


The objective of the matchmaking event is to facilitate inter-regional / cross-border cooperation between regional public and private sector actors in the development of joint initiatives /partnerships or joint demonstration projects in De- and Remanufacturing – matching S3 priorities and exploiting identified synergies and complementary resources and strengths. Inter-regional or cross-border cooperation can help to exploit complementarities/synergies (i.e. different value chain positions, technologies, etc.), pool resources and infrastructures across Europe, address non-technological issues (e.g. standards) and enlarge the potential user-base.

The European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing (ETP Fibres Textile Clothing) aims at ensuring the long-term competitiveness of the European Textile and Clothing industry and to reinforce the position of Europe as a leading global player in the development and manufacturing of fibres, textiles, textile-based products and apparel. ETP Fibres Textile Clothing joined forces with Watify in the organization of a one-day matchmaking event on Digitalisation in Fashion.

Why participate?

  • Benefit from personalised and pre-arranged bilateral meetings for business and project development opportunities
  • Connect with new technological/research/financing/commercial partners
  • Get informed on the opportunities and challenges of Digitalisation in Fashion, with related projects or initiatives
  • Learn about regional competencies and complementarities
  • Initiate cross-border contacts, and explore potential opportunities for cooperation
  • Work towards the exploitation of synergies in cross-border value chains