Two regional identities reinforcing each other through S3


Tuscany (2016)

The core of Tuscany S3 is based on the two elements of our regional identity: on the one hand a popular image of Tuscany as rich in natural and cultural heritage; on the other a strong manufacturing base with world leading brands, cutting edge research and hi-tech solutions. The vision enhanced by the Tuscany S3 is that both identities not only live together, but feed and enhance one another.

The entrepreneurial discovery process has been conducted in difficult economic times, mainly caused by external factors, and has led our focus on the international demand for innovation and how to make our research and productive assets globally competitive. This process, supported by a team of 12 external experts, involved the participation of 450 institutions, the elaboration of strategic roadmaps by 13 technological districts, ten thematic workshops attracting over 2000 participants and an intensive communications campaign. Three technological priorities have been selected and oriented to place-based applications, such as Optronics for cultural heritage, Biorobotics for medical devices, Nanotechnology for environment protection.

In terms of tools S3 has led to important changes in our regional innovation policies. A new strategic approach aims to foster 'backward linkages', between more internationally competitive firms and those less successful, but still crucial to regional cohesion. A smart policy mix has been introduced, addressing different types of innovations and their levels of technological intensity. Finally, we focused on integrated approaches to territorial needs, such as the requalification of the steel industry to adopt alternative technological solutions, while improving the environment and reducing energy consumption.

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S3 has led to important changes in our regional innovation policies.