Training course on working with evidence for policymakers

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An interesting opportunity is upcoming by indulging in the training course on working with evidence for policymakers!

We will soon be delivering the final material in an online format which will be of particular interest to local and regional policymakers.

The course is based on the “working with evidence” cluster of the European Commission competence model for policymakers. It is built up around key skills in this area, ranging from understanding policy problems and identifying evidence needs, to gathering and assessing evidence. The training sessions comprise both offline self-paced learning and in classroom sessions – the latter taking a total of 12 hours spread over 3 days.

There will be two deliveries of the course, which you can select through the registration link below:
-    November 22-23-24 (AM)
-    December 5-6 (PM) 7 (AM)

Come join us and hear real world policy examples by registering here!