TAF support allocated in early 2021: outcome of the 7th application round announced

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In January 2021, Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) support was awarded to two projects under the Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial Modernisation.

The TAF 7th assessment round was conducted in December 2020. In January 2021, TAF support was awarded to two projects:

  1. European Business School on Social Economy (EBSSE) from the Social Economy partnership
  2. Bi-Rex from the Chemicals partnership

These projects will benefit from tailored TAF experts support on a wide range of topics, depending on the specific needs of each project, which can include advice on: appropriate financial structuring and mix of funding sources, investment vehicles, governance rules, business models, financials, and intellectual property rights.

Moreover, additional TAF support was awarded to one project that already benefitted from TAF services in 2020:

  1. SMBio-Lng from the Bio-economy partnership

This project will benefit from tailored TAF experts support to elaborate on the support deliverables, developed by the project team based on the needs identified at the beginning of TAF service delivery. These include the establishment of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV); fine-tuning of the project business plan for its replicability in other international markets; and a case study for the current business model to be tailored-made for pitching the project to international stakeholders.

The project managers were informed of the results and the awarded projects will have their kick-off meetings with the TAF experts in the upcoming weeks.