System dynamics Working Group meeting

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The aim of the first meeting of the Working Group was to introduce the JRC project on system dynamics, obtain feedback from experts and policy practitioners, and provide a space for collective learning, reflection, and co-creation around systems thinking, measurement and modelling.

Dimitrios PONTIKAKIS (JRC) presented the proposed modelling framework (POLYTRoPOS - POLYvalent model for the ex ante evaluation of TRansformative POlicy Scenarios) focused on technology-deployment driven investment and employment, explained the theoretical reasoning and assumptions behind the model, and outlined the structure of the Working Group that brings together pioneer policy practitioners striving for productive transformations with experts from a great variety of disciplines and study areas (system dynamics, industrial economics, management of sustainability transitions, innovation studies, regional development). This draws on joint work with Matthijs JANSSEN (University of Utrecht), George PAPACHRISTOS (University of Eindhoven), Michal MIEDZINSKI (JRC) Hedvig NORLEN (Urbanstat), Ramojus REIMERIS and Anabela MARQUES SANTOS (both JRC).
The meeting included keynote talks by Prof. Antonio ANDREONI (SOAS, University of London) on "Industrial policy reloaded: Greening Industrial Ecosystems and the New Competition", Prof. Anna BERGEK on "The diffusion of renewable energy technology: an analytical framework" and Steve SMITH (University of Exeter) who presented the influential "Global Tipping Points Report 2023". Bianca CAVICCHI (DG R&I, European Commission) and Igor OLIVEIRA (Technical University of Denmark) presented their on-going work on system dynamics and Luis DIAZ (OECD) presented the project "Quantifying Industrial Strategies". The meeting concluded with an internal discussion of the Advisory Board.
Follow up meetings are open to all interested experts and policy practitioners, to be invited please send an email expressing interest to: