Sport partnership meeting in Valencia

  • 10 Nov 2017 to 10 Nov 2017
  • Consellería de Educación, Av. de Campanar 32. (La mezquita (the mosque))


Its aim was the validation of the scoping note and presentation/discussion of the next steps.

Participants agreed in principle to share the content of the Scoping note within all their networks / other project partnership / contacts in the field of Sport and healthy lifestyles.

Marc Pattinson (RECONFIRM) outlined the next steps around:

  1. Collection of relevant documents regarding the mapping of competences relevant to the 3 topics (or beyond) selected by the partnership so far. Moreover, all other projects should identified in this area incl. INTERREG and EIT.

  2. Mapping of competences in the regions. This should include mapping of clusters, RTOs, Universities, Digital hubs and big firms working in the 3 selected areas and beyond.

A daft of one pager / simple governance paper to be circulated to all the sport partners.


Agenda and Presentations

9:00-9:30. Wellcome and introduction

9:30-10:00. Carried out work since the Eindhoven meeting

10:00-10:45. Presentation of the Scoping note by Pierre Padilla (TBC)

10:45-11:00. Break (there will be coffee in the room but a toilet break would be surely necessary)

11:00-11:30. Present State of the ClusSport consortium

11:30-12:00 Identifications of responsible regions /selected strategic pillar

12:00-12:30. Presentation of November 21st ClusSport meeting in the context of EPSI annual conference in Brussels by Alberto Bichi

12:30-13:00    Outline of next steps by Marc Pattinson

13:00-14:00. ClusSport governance and overall operational budget

14:00 Lunch and end of the meeting

Practical Information

10 Nov 2017 to 10 Nov 2017
Consellería de Educación, Av. de Campanar 32. (La mezquita (the mosque))