Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Development Goals SDGs to be discussed at high-level conference organized by the Polish Government

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Under the motto of future of Smart Specialisation paradigm: lessons learned & way forward, the Government of Poland has organised an event scheduled for the 30th of June, 2021 at 10:00 (CEST).

It aims to present the different experiences and outcomes coming from smart specialisation implementation and open a debate on the future of S3 concept in the post-COVID 19 reality. The meeting will focus on the new challenges and new European policies that should be part of S3 concept. Participation of representatives of EU member states, public administration and stakeholders coming from the business and science world is expected.

This initiative will be a great opportunity to promote the discussion from a Polish point of view and to inspire new thinking and approaches. Sustainable Development Goals, European Green Deal and Recovery and Resilience plans provide a new directionality and a set of common goals to strive towards the desired results. In order to make them meaningful to businesses and citizens, they need to be localised and prioritised. Science, technology and innovation can contribute to achieving these objectives and a strong Smart Specialisation for Sustainability approach can help to reflect and mobilise stakeholders and resources for transformative innovation.  

Agenda and registration available here.