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Please get to know some of our partnerships' investment ideas

Thematic platforms offer a structure to develop indsutry-driven partnerships connecting businesses from different sectors and territories. Thematic partnerships help regions to create synergies at pan-European level, leading to strategic investments aimed at enhancing competitiveness of Europe's value chains.

We are proud to share four videos that provide success stories of investment projects developed by partnerships of the thematic Smart Specialisation Platform on Industrial Modernisation (S3P -  Industry).

Tourism of Tomorrow Lab

Sanna Kärkkäinen, the Managing Director for Visit Rovaniemi, presents the most advanced investment idea of the Tourism partnership. The project, called the ‘Tourism of Tomorrow Laboratory’ (ToT LAB), aims to build an EU hub for gathering research, expertise, and data on tourism.


European Photonics Alliance

Dr. Anna Nikiel, part of the management team of PhotonDelta, introduces the European Photonics Alliance. This investment idea of the Photonics partnership intends to assist independent photonics ecosystems in achieving synergy across Europe.


MedTech 4.0

International Project Officer Gianni D’Errico, of the Tuscany Life Sciences Foundation, outlines MedTech 4.0. This pilot project developed under the MedTech partnership aims to develop the first open platform for accessing and analysing health-related data.


Sport Innovation Hubs

As the Cluster Manager for Sport and Technology, René Wijlens explaines the Sport Innovation Hubs. This ClusSport’s investment idea consists of building local ecosystems, which will support the transfer of technology and knowledge in the sport sector.

We hope you enjoy getting an insight of our partnerships' investment projects!