S2E National Event: POLAND

  • 27 Apr 2016
  • Warsaw (PL)

The POLAND National Event was co-organised by EUROPEAN COMMISSION (DG JRC- S3 Platform & DG REGIO- G1) and the Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU

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Agenda and Presentations

Full agenda of the event

WELCOME SPEECHESMałgorzata Szczepańska (Director, Department of Innovation, Ministry of Economic Development), Mateusz Gaczyński (Deputy Director, Department of Innovation and Development, Ministry of Science and Higher Education), Colin Wolfe (Head of Competence Centre Smart and Sustainable Growth, European Commission, DG REGIO)

POLICY CONTEXT - Moderator: Katarzyna Walczyk-Matuszyk (Deputy Director, NCP in Poland)

SYNERGIES IN PRACTICE - Moderator: Nida Kamil Özbolat (European Commission, DG JRC)

EU RDI LANDSCAPE FOR SYNERGIES - Moderator: Colin Wolfe (European Commission, DG REGIO)

CASES OF SYNERGIES: THE REGIONAL DIMENSION - Moderator: Mathieu Doussineau (European Commission, DG JRC)



Practical Information

27 Apr 2016
Warsaw (PL)
Registration Information
Participation was by invitation only.


The "Stairway to Excellence" European Project is centred on:

  • Providing assistance to the 13 Members States (and their regions) which joined the EU after 2004 with the aim of closing the innovation gap and promoting excellence in all regions and EU countries;
  • Stimulating the early and effective implementation of national and regional Smart Specialisation Strategies.

The POLAND National Event is organised jointly by the European Commission (Directorate-General Joint Research Centre -S3 Platform, S2E project and , Directorate-General Urban Policy –REGIO G1) and the Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU.

A JOINT STATEMENT OF THE NATIONAL EVENT OF POLAND: "The Synergies with Research and Innovation Funds" was issued as an outcome of it and covers the main issues under the different topics brought at the event.

This National S2E event was followed by the Workshop on Implementation of the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) aiming at supporting trans-regional collaboration on a few selected fields that can benefit from additional exposure to the relevant European stakeholders. This workshop was held the following day on April 28th in the same venue.


Objectives of the event:

  • A better understanding of Polish national (and regional) innovation ecosystem(s) with a special emphasis on the identification of obstacles, barriers and potentials to innovation
  • Raising awareness of the actions needed to enable synergies between different EU funding programmes for research and innovation
  • Sharing experiences in combining Structural Funds and Framework Programme to improve excellence in R&I systems
  • Drawing lessons for the future and identifying follow-up actions to enhance the potential synergies between different EU funds in the Member State

Who should attend? (Participants: around 100 people)

  • Polish National and Regional Managing Authorities
  • Polish National Contact Points from the past Framework Programmes and Horizon 2020 and other EU-funded programmes
  • Polish National and Regional authorities in charge of smart specialisation strategies
  • Members of the Horizon 2020 programme committee
  • Selected national and international experts on EU funding programmes and regional policy
  • Selected representatives from businesses
  • Selected representatives from universities, research centres and any other organization with experience and/or interest in EU-funded programmes


Institute of Fundamental Technological Research,

Polish Academy of Sciences, Ochota Campus,

ul. Pawinskiego 5B; 02-106 Warszawa