RIS3 Monitoring System in Greece – Pilot Study

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This study was commissioned by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) in the framework of the “Lagging Regions Project, launched in 2016.


The goal of the study was to acquire a clear understanding of what has to be done with respect to monitoring RIS3 in light of the new programming period and the enabling conditions attached to Smart Growth policy objective. Therefore, the author had to audit the RIS3 Monitoring Systems at the national and regional level to understand what’s in place, what is missing and identify gaps in monitoring data. That was accomplished by selecting two Greek regions and the national body responsible for the monitoring of national RIS3 and implementing the appropriate methodology. The latter aimed at supporting and consulting the participants in addition to data gathering and consolidation. The process lasted from April to October 2019.

Section 2 describes the status of RIS3 Monitoring Systems in Greece as of the end of 2018.

Section 3 deals with the implementation stages of the study followed by the presentation of the main results in Section 4. Finally, Section 5 seeks to identify fast gains and provide suggestions to monitoring teams to achieve higher readiness for next programming period.


Michalis METAXAS

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