Pilot methodology for mapping Sustainable Development Goals in the context of Smart Specialisation Strategies

Publication article | | FUSTER MARTÍ Enric; MASSUCCI Francesco; MATUSIAK Monika; QUINQUILLA Arnau; BOSCH Josep; DURAN SILVA Nicolau; AMADOR Raziel; MULTARI Francesco; IRIARTE HERMIDA Mauricio

This report has been developed as a part of the Joint Research Centre’s contribution to the United Nation’s Global Pilot Programme on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Roadmaps. It develops and tests a novel methodology to analyse the challenges resulting from the commitment to SDGs and the STI potential available to respond to them as part of the mapping (diagnostic) exercise within Smart Specialisation Strategies.


The report combines the analysis of policy mandates, statistical indicators and scientometrics to propose a new approach for the inclusion of the sustainability dimension in the design phase of Smart Specialisation Strategies. This approach has been piloted and validated by Serbian stakeholders as a part of Serbia’s participation in the Global Pilot Programme on STI for SDGs Roadmaps. The wider ambition of this paper is however to propose a tested methodological approach that will be universal and applicable in other territories both in Europe and beyond.

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