Investing in the textile and clothing factorites of the future in Europe

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The EU textile and clothing industry has reinvented itself through innovation, creativity, adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies, market diversification and internationalisation. Since 2013 the industry’s turnover has grown by 14% to € 181 billion and extra-EU exports by 15% to € 48 billion while employment and company numbers have been maintained.

This impressive industrial renaissance would not have been possible without bold investments into modern manufacturing and service facilities and technologies creating safer and higher added value European jobs. Over the last 10 years, the industry has invested almost € 50 billion in the EU and is expected to maintain a strong investment rhythm in the near future.

The present brochure presents just 10 out of numerous examples, but nicely illustrates the spread of these investments across Europe, all company sizes and all sub-sectors of the industry. EU Policies fostering Growth and Jobs are pointing in the right direction, but more must be done to:
• improve access to finance especially for smaller companies and more riskier investments into innovation;
• better reward companies that invest in resource-efficiency, circularity or workplace safety;
• ensure that innovative, sustainable and safe products from European factories meet level playing field when competing in the EU internal market.

EURATEX, the voice of the European apparel and textile industry, calls on EU Policy Makers to pursue a more ambitious Industrial Policy to make Europe the destination of choice for manufacturing investments.

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