IESI Call for Action for Mapping 2016 and Award

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Call for Action for forward-looking policy-makers and social innovators to consolidate the Knowledge Map of ICT-Enabled Social Innovation in the EU and compete for the IESI Award

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre is conducting a multi-year research project on 'ICT-Enabled Social Innovation to support implementing the EU Social Investment Package' (IESI). The main goal of the research is to better understand how ICT-enabled innovation can contribute to social policy reforms and the modernisation of social protection systems in the EU, through mapping and analysis of promising examples from Europe and all over the world.

A new mapping of initiatives to consolidate the IESI Knowledge Map of ICT-enabled social innovation initiatives has just started and will last until 31st July 2016. The initiatives included in the IESI mapping will be evaluated and the most promising examples in the EU will be conferred the IESI Award at the annual IESI conference in Brussels.

To participate please fill in this short survey.



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