Good practices for Smart Specialisation in energy

Publication article | | NAUWELAERS Claire; SEIGNEUR Isabelle; GÓMEZ PRIETO Javier.

This working paper is part of the policy support provided by the Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy (S3PEnergy) to EU regions and Member States in the implementation phase of their Smart Specialisation Strategies.


The paper is organised in three main sections. The first describes a method for the identification of good practices, including the definition of a good practice in the framework of smart specialisation and energy, and the criteria used to identify good examples (under three categories: necessary, relevant and optional criteria). The second section elaborates a pilot exercise to put in practice this methodology and includes an initial catalogue of 11 demonstration cases of good practices. The third section draws the main lessons learnt from this pilot exercise whereas the conclusion provides insights to practitioners of smart specialisation.


S3 Working Paper Series No. 16/2018

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