Enhancing the sustainable development component in the Action Plan of the STI for SDGs Roadmap in Serbia

Publication article | | FUSTER MARTÍ Enric; MASSUCCI Francesco; MATUSIAK Monika; QUINQUILLA Arnau; BOSCH Josep; DURAN SILVA Nicolau; IRIARTE HERMIDA Mauricio

Serbia is one of the first countries to join the Global Pilot Programme on STI for SDGs Roadmaps. Supported in this process by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission and UNIDO, the country developed its roadmap using the smart specialisation approach. This policy brief provides an overview of the process and methodology adopted by Serbia to embed the Sustainable Development Goals into its Smart Specialisation Strategy. Additionally, it provides examples of research and innovation projects funded and implemented in line with national SDGs priorities. Finally, this brief provides recommendations to further strengthen the sustainability component of the stakeholders’ dialogue process and the preparation of the new action plan.


This policy brief analyses the key stages and components of the development and implementation of the STI for SDGs roadmap. It provides an overview of the approach used to link STI priority areas to SDGs challenges in the Action plan, as well as the approach used for stakeholders’ involvement in collaborative decisionmaking, and the implementation of the action plan. Finally, the policy brief provides recommendations for a possible approach to integrate further the SDGs into the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process1 and the Action plan monitoring system. This brief provides a practical example of the development of an STI for SDGs Roadmap based on the smart specialisation approach. It is thus of relevance to policymakers worldwide, interested in the development of the STI for SDGs Roadmap.

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