Enhancing Access to, and the Use and Quality of ICT

Publication article | | DG REGIO (Ana-Paula Laissy)

Member States that are providing investments into ICT through ESIF funds are obliged to develop a specific Strategy Policy Framework for Digital Growth if the aim is to develop different ICT products and services; and to enhance the demand for ICT.


The lessons learnt from the previous ERDF programmes provide an evidence of the lack of capacity and knowhow on behalf of the respective Managing authorities and Public administration, when the translation of the operational programmes priorities into implementation of the effective and timely measures is concerned. Fostering the development of the administrative capacities; and planning in the ICT domains, with an aim to achieving the target support of ESIF, has been underlined by the European Court of Auditors, which also highlighted the particular problem of durability and impact of ERDF investments; when ICT take up is concerned.

The objective of this document is to collect successful projects for Managing authorities and Public administration; in order to design and implement the measures within the strategic framework aiming at enhancing the access, use and quality of ICT by addressing the two ICT ex-ante conditionalities set for the Thematic Objective 2: Enhancing access to and the use and quality of information and communication technologies.

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