Chemical partnership working meeting

  • 25 Feb 2019 to 25 Feb 2019

The thematic S3 partnership on Chemicals is holding its next partnership meeting in Halle, Germany.

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Agenda and Presentations

Please find the agenda here.

Practical Information

25 Feb 2019 to 25 Feb 2019


Thematic S3 partnership on Chemicals is holding its next partnership working meeting on the 25th of February in Halle, Germany.

Expected results

  • Identification of key priorities of focus,

  • Mutual understanding of partners' expectations from the partnership - vision,

  • Discussion on the expression of interest to be leading region or part of a priority area,

  • Structuring the partnership work according to identified priorities (e.g. in working groups),

  • Next steps and action plan for the following 6 months.

Participant profiles

  • Regional representatives actively involved and committed to the process
  • Regional stakeholders such as business leaders, cluster managers, business associations, leading companies, etc.
  • ReConfirm experts and ECRN.

Preparation required by participants

  • Review of draft scoping paper - facts presented and consequences for the priorities and organisation of the partnership,
  • Overview of key priorities of own region and related policies and projects,
  • Identification of capacities within own region to take leadership of a priority area, to organise (match-making) events and to bring concrete suggestions for actions and steps for the action plan.