Changing the innovation and entrepreneurship mind-set to implement smart specialisation

United Kingdom

Scotland (2016)

Scottish Government

A key part of the Scottish S3 framework is to build a community of innovation and entrepreneurship practitioners and supporters. We therefore launched Scotland Can Do as a banner under which public, private, third sector, co-operatives, educational organisations and investors can find new and better ways to support a greater entrepreneurial and innovative mind-set amongst Scotland’s businesses, communities and citizens; it’s about being Capable, Ambitious, Networked, addressing Demand and supporting Opportunity – the Can Do approach.

A Statement of Intent is supported by an Action Framework that describes how and where we are working with partners.  A dedicated website hosts a Dashboard of indicators that measures progress.  Partners include Chambers of Commerce and Federation of Small Businesses, financial institutions including venture capital and start-up investors; social and third sector enterprises; youth and community organisations and national agencies. The Can Do concept has generated a number of new initiatives, including an innovation forum to monitor progress in policy delivery, support services for start-ups as well as more established entrepreneurs, and a scheme to transform town centres into opportunities for enterprise and local communities to flourish.

Scotland Can Do helps to implement some of the main features of our S3 framework: Supporting scientific and technological R&D; high–growth companies with ambition to internationalise; self – starters, fledgling businesses and start-ups; the next generation of Scottish entrepreneurs; communities and individuals. It’s about supporting the whole ecosystem, and when linked with the vertical priorities identified by our S3, we believe this can have a positive impact on the Scottish economy.
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Scotland Can Do helps to implement some of the main features of our S3 framework.