Call for Papers: Next-generation Innovation Policies: Promoting Systemic Socio-economic Transformative Change

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The Research Collection, co-guest edited by JRC's Dr. Marina Ranga and KAIST's Associate Professor So Young Kim, proposes an in-depth look at how innovation policies of the 21st century respond to complex contemporary challenges by adopting new features that go beyond improving research and innovation systems alone and generate deep, system-wide changes in economic and socio-technical systems. Such changes emerge in priority-setting and resource allocations, in institutional setups, industrial infrastructures, technologies, production and consumption patterns, etc. to meet societal functions or needs, such as a cleaner environment, mobility, food or housing.

New approaches such as Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) and Smart Specialisation Strategies for Sustainability (S4), next to responsible research and innovation (RRI) and mission-oriented research and innovation, are good examples of such transformative policies that bring a more systemic perspective of innovation, as well as new roles of government and governance in policy-making and policy implementation. Concepts as multi-level governance and transformational governance are examined to identify specific mechanisms that may stimulate or inhibit innovative change. 

The Research Collection is relevant to government policy-makers and public administrations, academic researchers, business managers as well as other innovation stakeholders that aim to promote new innovation design and implementation mechanisms, as well as new mindsets and institutional cultures that can be both challenging and rewarding for the broader governance systems in which they operate.

Abstract submission: 15 July 2021.
Full paper submission: 25 October 2021.
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