Call for EU Regions to cooperate with Latin America

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Region to region cooperation on Smart Specialisation between EU and Latin America. Deadline 30 August

IUC-LA is a region-to-region collaboration that aims to enhance innovation, competitiveness and new opportunities for citizens. The programme’s objective is to increase connections between European Union territories and their counterparts in Latin America, by creating joint projects and having the opportunity to enter a new market that can prove to be very advantageous for European Union stakeholders.

The IUC project is honoured to announce the addition of the last five regions that will be available for pairing in the IUC-LA Project. These will complete the objective of pairing 20 Latin American regions with 20 European ones, and now the call is open for two from Brazil and three from Chile:

– Brasilia (Brazil) is searching for technologies to solve fast-growing population issues and its environmental impact.
– Minas Gerais (Brazil) is interested in renewable energies and sustainable development in agriculture and farming.
– Biobío (Chile) is promoting mechanical industries, as well as other creative industries (ITC, design, art).
– Tarapacá (Chile) is concerned with renewable energies, water management in desert areas, and high altitude medicine.
– O’Higgins (Chile) desires to develop its agroindustry, mining and renewable energies, and promote its wine production and enotourism.

Their complete profiles can be read in the Regional Cooperation website.

We encourage you to pair with them by filling the following application form and sending it to us. These calls will be open until the 30th of August. We remind you that this is the last open pairing call. There will be no more pairing calls past that date.

As a reminder, please recall that there are three other regions with an open partnership call: San Martín (Perú), Yucatán (México) and Colima (México). These calls will be open until the 15th July. You can do so by filling the application form and sending it to us.