Blue Growth and Smart Specialisation: How to catch maritime growth through 'Value Nets'

Publication article | | Jan Maarten de Vet, John Edwards, and Matteo Bocci


The principles of Smart Specialisation are valuable when implementing Blue Growth – an integrated approach towards stimulating the maritime economy. Both concepts pay considerable attention to innovation, young firm formation, bottom-up approaches and value chains. This policy brief builds on presentations and discussions from an S3 Platform Implementation workshop held on 8/9 October 2015 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (Spain). The paper sets out several pathways to building so-called ‘Blue Value Nets’, notably through: 1) Expanding nets through suppliers and enablers; 2) Sharing infrastructure; and 3) Boosting Blue clusters and networks. All this requires actions from the private sector, by expanding and transforming existing value chains. However, the public sector can support this process also by: a) Enabling competency development and knowledge sharing; b) Use of maritime clusters as a tool to promote Smart Specialisation; c) Stimulating trans-boundary cooperation and; 4) Promoting ‘Collaborative Labs’.


S3 Policy Brief Series No. 17/2016

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