Bosnia and Herzegovina keeps working closely with the JRC on Smart Specialisation

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The Joint Research Centre (JRC) together with the Directorate of Economic Planning of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized an S3 awareness-raising event within the implementation of the project Support to Smart Specialisation in the Enlargement and Neighbourhood region. The initiative took place in Sarajevo on the 19th of May 2022 in the premises of the Parliamentary building and it aimed at strengthening the involvement of members of the S3 working group and at preparing the quantitative mapping phase for the design of the final Smart Specialisation Strategy. The audience included members of the S3 working groups from the three territorial representations that composed the country, Federation of BiH, Republika Srpska and District of Brcko.

The Minister of Civil Affairs welcomed the event with hospitable and encouraging statements that underlined the importance of Bosnia and Herzegovina on moving forward during the process towards the definition of a Smart Specialisation Strategy. An opportunity that has led to developing institutional capacity building and improving the management of public funding for economic priority areas.  

JRC international experts, Domen Bole, was invited to present and further discuss the more practical aspects of the S3 design process making special emphasis on the relevance of positioning the strategy within the context of existing innovation and economic development related policies. Presentations from the JRC team and international experts were followed by a short Q&A session that focused on the willingness of the S3 working group to engage in the whole design process, as well as on tackling the concern about the real issues mostly related with capacity building and lack of resources, both human and financial. 

More information in the event's website.