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The DIHNET.EU project announced the 3rd of April during the 6th Working Group of DIHs the topics for the Working Groups that will permit DIHs to cooperate, discuss and exchange experiences. This was the result of an interactive process with the audience during the day where participants had the opportunity to select their preferred options.


DIHNET.EU community platform for DIHs has opened the registration (registration here) to the following Working Groups:

  1. Finance and funding opportunities. To explore new funding sources that can contribute to establishing cooperation among DIHs and facilitate the uptake of digital innovations by SMEs. It will also work on new strategies that contribute to raising interest from private investors, banks and corporates as a way to leverage the support offered to companies and facilitate access to new technologies.

  2. Collaboration activities and mechanisms. Focusing on challenges and barriers for DIHs collaboration; on understanding and exchanging good practices that could feed the learning process; especially focusing on cross-border collaboration as well as on the mechanisms and tools needed to ensure effective and sustainable cooperation.

  3. Connection with regional and national policies and strategies. To better understand the challenges and actions needed to ensure a coherent and continuous connection of the DIH´s activities to the regional, national policies and strategies to digitalise industry

  4. Business Models and Sustainability. To understand the challenges and barriers of developing business models that fit the specific DIH´s needs. Business models where added value can be created and captured on the collaboration between DIHs, DIH networks and other stakeholders. Business Models are key for sustainability, especially the ones behind European and cross-border collaboration.

Working Groups aim at fostering continuous sharing and networking amongst DIHs. They are a strategic way to ensure active cooperation among DIH with a unique focus, approach and common understanding and in the main topics of interest to cooperate. Working Groups are expected to provide information and evidence on needs, expectations, obstacles, gaps, resulting from the collaborative work among DIHs, that will be translated in better poly tools and strategies.

Your participation and experience is essential! Please JOIN NOW! Registration will be open until 24th May 2019.