S3 for SDGs in Serbia

Serbia is currently developing its national S3 strategy. During this process a lot of similarities between S3 and 6 step approach defined by the UN Guidebook on Development of STI Roadmaps for SDGs have been identified.

S3 for SDGs in Serbia

The Smart Specialization Strategy Serbia (4S) represents a part of a new paradigm of innovation policy which gathers decision-makers, academic and business communities and civil society with the aim of raising the competitiveness of the economy, economic growth and progress of the society through connecting research, industrial and innovation forces with a limited number of priority economic areas that were recognized as priorities through evidence-based process. By developing innovations, science, and technology in identified priority areas, 4S strategy is creating prerequisites for sustainable growth of the Republic of Serbia, simultaneously supporting structural diversification of the Serbian economy. Parallel to these activities ministry in charge for science, technology and innovation has also started the process related to the STI roadmap for SDGs, in order to use the opportunity and this process to integrate SDGs in existing framework. Republic of Serbia / Ministry of education, science and technological development (MoESTD) has recognized the importance of STI Roadmap for SDGs and expressed interest to participate in the UN Global Pilot Programme on STI for SDGs Roadmaps  in order to make national RIS3 brother and address the SDGs.

Based on mapping and EDP, identified vertical priority areas of 4S strategy are: ICT (SDG 8), Food for Future (SDG 2), Creative industries (SDG 8) and Future Machines and Manufacturing Systems (SDG 9), and horizontal are Key Enabling Technologies (KET) and Energy Efficient and Eco-Smart Solutions (SDG 7). Serbian smart specialisation strategy is focused on identified priority domains supported by different measures dedicated to knowledge, innovations, partnerships from domestic ecosystem and creativity of individuals, but also with the focus on the societal challenges in order to increase global competitiveness.

4S strategy document which is prepared for the years 2020-2027, includes results from Serbian participation in different EU initiatives, recognized as a potential contributing to the global challenges. The strategic planning process will focus in particular on the regional perspective within 4S identified priority areas, but also on the global challenges in order to contribute to the pillars defined within Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe. Monitoring will be an integral part of Serbian RIS3 framework and continuity of stakeholder dialog during 4S implementation will be main instrument for future priority selection which correspond to the links between 4S and SDG targets.

Identified vertical priority within Serbian S3 developing process, for example Food for Future represent a very good example for STI for SDGs Roadmap which contribute to SDG 2 and 8. Agri-food in Serbia has a long tradition, developed agricultural production, biodiversity and raw material base. 9.68 % of government research funding are dedicated to Biotechnology and agriculture (TR) and Agriculture and food (III). Taking into account the potential that the country has, there is a lot of initiatives in the country and one of them is H2020 success story - New technologies for sustainable agriculture (29 MEUR investment jointly EC and MoESTD) - establishment of BioSense Institute. R&D Institute for IT in Biosystems. Connecting two most promising sectors in Serbia ICT and agriculture. The vision of BioSense is to be a European leader in research in ICT for agri-food and related biosystems. BioSense strives to create prosperity and sustainability for a broad ecosystem that includes academia, government, industry, farming community and civil society.

Main SDGs in the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Serbia

  • SDG 2. Zero hunger
  • SDG 7. Affordable and clean energy
  • SDG 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure