Västernorrlands län (SE321)

General Information

  • 22.957 km2   (2015)
  • 244.554 (2021)
  • 7.675,58 (2009)
  • % of the National GDP 2,44 (2009)
  • % of Unemployment -
  • Regional GERD (%) -
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S3 Priorities


Name Description
Autonomous mobility This is a development areas which have the potential to become an area of strength in Västernorrland, with world-leading, international industry involved in everything from development to production and control of mobile and autonomous vehicles on land, water and in the air. The industry, with production of advanced customised electric wheelchairs, serial production of aluminium boats, off-road and military vehicles and special vessels, has a high capacity for innovation, a high degree of internationalisation and strong exports. This is thanks to a combination of materials and specialist skills, embedded services and technologies linked to industrial information.
Renewable energy - Solar, wind, hydro and bioenergy power generation Västernorrland produce large amounts of electricity from hydropower, contributing to the country's total energy production from renewable sources. In addition to multinational power companies, there are a number of local electricity grid and electricity/heat production companies owned by public or private operators. The field of hydropower and forest raw materials is closely linked to the area of strength of the forest-based bioeconomy. There is a high level of expertise and potential to continue building even stronger knowledge areas around solar, wind, hydro and bioenergy, as well as the adaptation of electricity systems and energy storage.
Forest-based bioeconomy Västernorrland is, in terms of industrial applications and research in the biorefinery area, among the leading suppliers in the world of advanced services and technologies. In particular when it comes to sustainable processing of biomass into a range of new bio-based products such as food, feed, bioenergy, green chemicals, cellulosic fibres, nanocellulose, textiles, residual waste and renewable raw materials. The region's forest-based bioeconomy with forestry, wood, paper, pulp, chemicals and residual waste management and recovery is a strong system driver.
FoodTech A development areas which have the potential to become an area of strength in Västernorrland, as the level of food self-sufficiency needs to increase and there is a growing demand for new, sustainable and healthy food products. The region has a number of small production facilities forsmall-scale food production. Research projects and feasibility studies related to challenge-driven innovation are also being conducted in the area, e.g. the development of circular and sustainable fish feed from proteins derived from forest raw material, The area may also add to a strengthened hospitality industry and potential to address social challenges in climate and health through innovative solutions.
Development & management of complex production & operational systems Västernorrland is the site of leading companies in the development and management of complex production environments, systems integration and operational systems. It has developed into a horizontal area of strength, originating from a long tradition of process innovation in the forest-based bioeconomy, metal and mechanical manufacturing and power generation. The expertise is used in business development and public sector services.
GovTech The region has a strong position in public sector digitalisation, both in government administration, municipal development and collaboration with private companies. . In 2020, there were 22 public agencies established in Västernorrland, including the Agency for Digital government (DIGG). There are many private consultancies and IT companies combining cross-sectoral knowledge of the region's basic industries with the development of public sector services and management.
Advanced manufacturing, within metal, machinery and vehicle This is one of the region's areas of strength, with a high capacity for innovation, internationalisation and exports. It is a mature area in transformation where many smaller companies with high material and specialist skills are developing products and services in a competitive market. Västernorrland is recognised for expertise and knowledge in the development, application and custom manufacturing of complete products and systems with high material and quality requirements, from turnkey suppliers of machinery, engines and vehicles to electronics and hydraulic drive systems with associated applications and the development of control and monitoring systems in industrial information technology.
Crisis and rescue Development area which has the potential to become an area of strength in Västernorrland. The region is home to a number of agencies and organisations working in the field of public protection, Crisis and rescue preparedness, civil defence and rescue. Research, development, training and operational development are also carried out in the field with test beds, training sites and drill areas set up for these purposes by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), among others.
Smart caring - care, safety, security A development area which has the potential to become an area of strength in Västernorrland. Smart caring is about promoting tomorrow's well-being in terms of care, safety, security and good and equal health at all stages of life. There are pilots for testing, developing and introducing new technologies, work processes and health information support in primary care, as well as laboratory facilities for user-driven development, e.g. the Health test bed.

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Name Description
Forest Forest
Experience economy and local foods Experience economy and local foods
Electricity hybrids Electricity hybrids
Hydraulics Hydraulics
Logistics and transportation Logistics and transportation
Material technologies Material technologies
ICT and green value chains ICT and green value chains

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