Centre (RO12)

General Information

  • Capitarl city icon Alba Iulia
  • Region size icon 34.099 km2   (2015)
  • Population icon 2.273.344 (2022)
  • Regional GDP icon 27.603,86 (2021)
  • % of the National GDP 11,44 (2021)
  • % of Unemployment 5,40 (2022)
  • Regional GERD (%) 0,34 (2020)
Urban Data Platform

S3 Thematic Platforms

S3 Priorities


Name Description
Medicine and Pharmaceuticals Invasive and noninvasive research in cardiac and vascular pathology in adults; Ocular Surface Research; Pediatric Respiratory Medicine; Nanobiology and nanotechnology; Replacement of heart valves using stem cells; Neuroprotection and angiogenesis; Regeneration of heart valves; Pediatric cardiology and cardiovascular surgery; Advanced research in heart transplant and heart-lung tissue correlated with cardiovascular biology regeneration; Therapies for prevention of dementia associated with ischemic stroke; Personalized medicine models based on data provided through computer simulations based on nano imaging; Phase I clinical trials, therapeutic benefit studies (phase II-III) and bioequivalence studies; Research and telemedicine in neurological diseases in children; R&I in hybrid imaging and advanced telemedicine in Gastroenterology and Cardiology; Multimodal imaging platform MRI / CT of high performance for computational medicine application, nanoparticles and hybrid imaging in atherothrombotic disease research; Innovative method of medical rehabilitation by with platelet-rich plasma and Aerocriotherapy treatment; Fundamental research and preventive medicine strategies - developing knowledge of human integrative biological systems; Modern therapies development directed to chemical, genetic and cellular and standardization according to bioethical standards; Medical and pharmaceutical Manufacturing Capabilities; Basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations: drugs for liver health, immunity, metabolism and alimentary tract, cardiovascular system, nervous system, sensory organs, genitourinary system; oncology drugs, injectable and oral; dietary supplements, drugs and supplements for central nervous system, systemic antifungal, digestive system and metabolism, inflammatory and antirheumatic, anthelmintic; Irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic devices; Medical devices and instruments for laboratory - orthopedic and dental devices.
Textile and Clothing • ”smart textiles” used in related industries (agriculture, automotive, construction, medical industry). Manufacturing Capabilities: • textiles, garments, luggage and leather goods, footwear
Information & Communication Technologies • optimizing ICT technologies for assessing and valuing Intellectual Capital • protecting communications in transport systems of natural gas • stigmergic platform for indoor location Manufacturing Capabilities and advantages • software - from web applications to complex products for industrial lines in various fields • High speed broadband • Highly qualified workforce
Forestry, Woodworking and Furniture • Management of forest and wild life resources; logging, development of forests and terrestrial measurements • scientific research o eco-design furniture, restoration and wood industry certification o a scientific substantiation of innovative methods of recovery of secondary forest resources by building new types of panels o a scientific investigation and development of materials, products and processes for preserving / restoring furniture / wood artifacts of historical value o foundation and development of innovative methods of modeling and optimization of woodworking processes Innovative technologies and advanced products in wood industry • Energy - sustainable energy systems and technologies; • Environment - Methods and mechanisms to reduce environmental pollution • Materials, processes and innovative products - Advanced Materials Forestry, woodworking and furniture industry – Manufacturing Capabilities • woodworking, manufacture of wood and cork products, of straw and plaiting materials, wood packing • manufacture of furniture http://www.erris.gov.ro/index.php
Agri-food sector Agri-food sector - R&I Capabilities • food biotechnology • food process engineering • Eco - biotechnologies and agriculture and food equipment • Montanology • Research for obtaining new varieties of potato; production system for seed potato of superior biological categories; assessment, conservation and management of genetic resources and biodiversity agroecosystems vine fruit; maintaining the genetic integrity of vegetable varieties and hybrids • Innovative technologies to reduce the vulnerability of agro-ecosystems of sugar beet and potato pest to (re) emerging agencies • Technological solutions and technical means of improving the degraded permanent grasslands Agri-food sector - Manufacturing Capabilities • cultivation of sugar beet, potatoes, hops, green fodder, hemp for fiber and textile • dairy products • Production, processing and preserving of meat and meat products • livestock http://www.erris.gov.ro/index.php
Balneary tourism Balneary Tourism – advantages • rich resources of natural mineral waters with curative properties -1/3 of the ones existing in Europe In Centru Region are located most of the balneary spas from Romania.
Creative industries Creative industries – R&I Capabilities • Improved execution technologies on rehabilitation of heritage buildings affected by humidity • Augmented Reality for cultural heritage interpretation and integration of new audiences in museums Creative industries – Creative Capabilities Computer Programming, Creative arts and entertainment, television, visual arts, newspapers and magazines, advertising, architecture activities, publishing, performing arts, gaming, film production, music industry and radio
Automotive and mechatronics Automotive and mechatronics - R&I Capabilities • car engine: research on engines dynamic, developing models for balance and sizing engine depreciation, reliability • automotive: dynamics and efficiency, manageability, stability, reliability of autovehicles • Traffic and traffic safety: pollution, unconventional propulsion, materials and complex manufacturing technology, traffic organization and traffic safety • fundamental energy and environmental research: chemical and sound pollution, improving conventional engines • road safety, transport and interaction with the environment • Virtual Reality and Robotics • advanced products for cars • intelligent braking systems • driving assistance systems • design of cabling systems, mechatronic modules and electronic modules • robotics of manufacturing cells for processing blanks injector body; prototyping cell for turbocharger components; extending of production capacity: electro processing components for dies, molds, devices and 5-axis processing: improving the phosphate process • advanced mechatronic systems Automotive and mechatronics - Manufacturing Capabilities • manufacturing of motor vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles and motor vehicle engines, gears, gearboxes and mechanical transmission, electric wires and cables • production of bodies for motor vehicles http://www.erris.gov.ro/index.php
Aeronautics industry Aeronautics – R&I Capabilities: • design services, stress analysis and training • technical testing and analysis activities in aeronautics • designing parts and devices • security and reliability of aeronautical structures using smart composites. • sealing systems • optimization solution for support structure for aircraft engines in order to reduce weight • remagnetisation of magnetic components in assemblies Aeronautics – manufacturing capabilities • manufacturing, repairing and maintenance of aircraft • execution of parts, sub-assemblies and devices • production of safety elements (belts) http://www.erris.gov.ro/index.php

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